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It must be unicorn season….

Because I am that type of sado I have been paying attention to the first week of the proxy war that is the Tory party leadership election and I have to ask whether any of the minor runners have actually … Continue reading

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Events dear girl events….

On Friday I watched the excruciating display by Quentin Letts and Ian Hislop on Have I Got News for Yo when talking about the harassment and bullying scandal that is sweeping through the House of Commons.   They looked just like little … Continue reading

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The in tray Prime Minister…you’ll need a stiff drink

So we have a new government…well sort of if you don’t look too closely.  Perhaps a better way to describe what has just happened is new emphasis by the same people.  Cynical? Only slightly I suspect.  So what do the … Continue reading

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Pushme Pullyou

Another day another step along the insane path we seem to be heading at the moment.   The Guardian paper is slowly melting under the total amount of loathing they are printing or publishing on line for the current situation. … Continue reading

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