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Pushme Pullyou

Another day another step along the insane path we seem to be heading at the moment.   The Guardian paper is slowly melting under the total amount of loathing they are printing or publishing on line for the current situation. … Continue reading

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These images were captured a week ago today and they already look like they were in another country, another time.  Since they were made the roof has collapsed on everything that seems to pass as normality in Britain.   Some … Continue reading

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Corbyn – The Continued Freenzy

Jeremy Corbyn appeared to remain silent during the national anthem at the Battle of Britain memorial service at St Paul’s Cathedral… The Guardian – Caroline Davies – Tuesday 15 September 2015 You have to wonder just how bad things are going … Continue reading

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Everything is Awesome

So that is that…the problems that have beset the European club rugby are all but sorted out and we can all go back to enjoying the game we love. So says Owen Slot in today’s Times newspaper. In this gushing … Continue reading

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News Corp Reality Distortion Field

Most of the time News Corp is able to hide it’s own self interest but there are times, no matter how much they try, the need to spin things in News Corps favour wins out. One such occasion is the … Continue reading

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Note to myself…proof read the entry

I suspect that I suffer from some form of dyslexia so perhaps I should proof read what I post before letting onto the Blogosphere – but I rarely do so there will always be typos – I guess it is … Continue reading

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