What to Say…what not to say?

It is just over a week since that night and we are still in a crazy fantasy world.   One side appears to be in total denial and the other just doesn’t seem to understand what has happened.,  I will leave you apply which fits best Leave or Remain or Britain or Europe.  We have had pointless posturing by bit players in the forthcoming drama, whether it be Nigel Farage or Jean-Cluade Junker whilst the serious players try and work out what is the best way to save both Britain and Europe from the mess that both to a greater or lesser extent created.

Whilst this whole mess was unfolding I was watching a documentary series about the air industry.  One of the scene was of the parts of an Airbus A380 being trundled through a small French village during the dead of night.  These parts were assembled across the continent and then flown to France to be built into a new plane.  This strange pageant is held every two weeks and symbolises just who integrated Airbus is across Europe.  It also graphically demonstrate the need for some form of trade deal between Britain and the European Union going forward because if there isn’t any then one of the floats in the pageant could well not be there – the wings.  Which of course will mean that no new Airbus A380s or any Airbus plane will be flying anytime soon as Britain makes the wings for all the Airbus fleet.

Now of course in time this production can be moved to other countries but moving such a technologically advanced  production process wouldn’t be easy and the cost would be hugely damaging to Airbus and Britain.  In short it is in everyone’s interest to come up with some form of trading agreement but this also means that both sides are going to have to compromise which in turn requires stateswomen or men to lead – at the moment there doesn’t appear to be any such leadership we all have to hope that over the coming months.

(I have just reread what I wrote in March this year about what might happen should we vote leave and I have to say it does seem all too accurate even if I say so myself.  As we stand the only difference is the dates as I assumed that the article 50 mechanism would have been activated straight away – actually I didn’t really understand about article 50  of the Lisbon Treaty back then – as I suspect few people did.)

About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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