Brexit Britain No. 03

Today was the first day in the heartland of Brexit britain – Wakefield – 66% in favour of leaving the European Union.  Guess what none of the people appeared to have horns or tails.   The reason for the visit was to experience/view the latest  exhibition at the Hepworth.   It didn’t disappoint as the main temporary exhibitions – Magdalene Odundo: The Journey of Things and Modern Nature: British Photographs from the Hyman Collection were first rate.  I’m afraid I’m never really any good at explaining why an exhibition is worth a visit and if you wish to get a much more cultured appraisal then take a trip over to my good friend David Manley’s blog. (However he is rather busy at the moment so it might be some time before he posts a review)

Perhaps the most surprising piece on display was a series of small prints by John Blakemore.   If you know his work then you would expect brilliantly chosen subjects meticulously printed – these prints met neither of those standards and were startling because of that – perhaps the Hyman collection didn’t have better examples of Blakemore’s work at hand?

 What any of this has to do with Brexit is another matter.  Perhaps the one lesson to take away from today is that for such an important decision about the nation’s future coming up in the next week or so the good people of Wakefield seemed to be very relaxed.


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An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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