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What is there to say?….

I was going to write a post about the state of affairs within the current incarnation of the Conservative party and our ‘Dear Leader‘ Boris Johnson. What is the point? He’s broken his own rules, even his own MP’s seem … Continue reading

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Too Old, Too Tired…

The beautiful dawn light this morning was so very very inviting. What great photographs might await the intrepid photographer? What photographs indeed – I’ll never know. I’ve been busy over the past few days and I was just too tired … Continue reading

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So goodbye spring…it’ll be hard to forget you!

Well that will be a spring that will last long in the memories.   Over the last three months I think I have written enough.   Lets us just hope that the summer is a lot more uneventful than the previous 3 … Continue reading

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Dull as Ditch Water…

Another day dawns and this being January it is dull.  Outside the rubbish is being collected but this doesn’t disturb the sense that this is going to be anything other than another dull January day.   We really are in the … Continue reading

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Freezing on the Ironstone….

So the weather forecast suggested it was going to be a bright frosty morning – unfortunately no one told the the weather !   It was certainly chilly but not as bright as I would have wanted.   No matter as it … Continue reading

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Evening – Day 6

  It doesn’t matter where you are in the world – somewhere it will always be evening.

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Catch up – Day 4

After an intense outburst of creativity today I am trying to catch up with images that I missed on my first run through.

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So that’s that then…

For a while now I have claimed that autumn was here – well now there is no mistaking the slowly changing season – rain is definitely stopping play.  I realise talking about rain might be seen as being in bad … Continue reading

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She’s walking back to me…

Visiting the past for a purpose: These images were captured in 2011 but only know I have found time or been inspired to work on the images.  So, when do these images date to 2011 or 2016?   At the … Continue reading

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Project LV One – Day 358 or 365 – An Ending

Serendipity is one of my favourite words.  I am not it works as a scientific concept but that doesn’t really matter.  Today is the last day of Project LV One – boy what a year that has been!   I … Continue reading

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