The fields of Leir…

People have been living in the area where I live since the early Bronze age. Indeed, thanks to all the development over the past 30 years I know live in perhaps the best known prehistoric landscape in the whole of the county.

The most famous local prehistoric character, known throughout the world if you only did but know it, who perhaps might have even lived in one of the numerous roundhouses in the area is Leir (this is the person, or his legend at least, who inspired Shakespeare’s tragic play about madness, hubris and decay King Lear.). The local River Soar’s old name was believed to be Ligera from which Leir is a derivation and Leicester’s old english name was Ligoraceastre although I prefer the old Welsh name of Cair Lerion. In short Leir is all around if we only did but know it.

I’m not entirely sure why Leir’s image has been rebounding around my head over the past day or so as the weather takes a turn towards the Arctic and we all huddle down around the fire or central heating. Winter has really come for the first time this year and we have experienced the first real snowfall along with a couple of nights of frost. It won’t last long but while it does it keeps alive this notion within me that Leir once lived not too far from where I am writing this. Not sure what he would have made of blogging or the modern world in general. Recently, at times, I have had the same feeling about the world but all things change just as one day the winter will be gone and the spring flowers will bloom once more and and who knows, perhaps – just perhaps, we might be free to enjoy them.

About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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