The Morning Papers…a bit of a moan

One thing my wife really likes about me (well actual she just turns her eyes to the ceiling and gives a sigh but why let the turth get in the way) is how whilst I read the morning paper, yes I still read the paper even if it on my iPad – and yes I pay for it, I start spluttering and moaning about what I’ve read. Today is no different. I’m utterly sick to death about, well, the death of Margaret Thatcher. Yes she was a terrific, in every sense of the word, Prime Minister but she left office over 20 years ago. An awful lot has changed since she was last in power. I have had enough and I don’t want to hear another word spoken, written, tweeted about the woman. I have no chance of this happening.

However, to give this Thatcher self flagellation a bit of context I have been using the Trendmap site to see what is trending the world at the moment on Twitter and I have to say it is really fascinating. When Mrs Thatcher died she was trending throughout the world, even in place where it was the middle of the night. However, the world of twitter has started to settle down to return to more important things to the individuals involved. Perhaps the best example of this can be currently found on the west Pacific island of New Caledonia where twitter is alive with just one hashtag Earthquake (BTW the Apple small keyboard doesn’t have hashtag as a key – how unusual). Now given the relatively small number of twitter users on New Caledonia it is very easy to miss this in the wave of people using the hashtag Proudtobeafanof but this is far more important than that.

So I guess the point of all this, if there is ever a point to my ramblings, is that whilst the the national news and world opinion may say one thing it is the local that really matters to people. And knowing whether you are going to be killed by an earthquake would seem to me far more important than the death of an 87 grandmother half a world away. If only that were the case half the world away from New Caledonia. Here endth this mornings moan.

Oh and I realise that I’m continuing the news cycle about Mrs Thatcher but bar humbug to that!

Simon Marchini

About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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2 Responses to The Morning Papers…a bit of a moan

  1. Just for you Simon

    Listen she want be making any-more news will she!!!!

    She had her day, one or two more and its all over – PLEASE!

  2. Guthlac says:

    I agree that we should show her family some respect at their loss but wall to wall news coverage is just too much. In fact the only channel who seemed to give it the right amount of coverage was Fox News which is, to put it mildly,ironic. I guess I’ll just have to watch the Hobbit again and try and avoid all news until after her funeral…which I suspect might end up as one almighty brawl. Perhaps the best epitaph.

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