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Photober 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19….

As we enter the next phase of the Coronavirus pandemic (don’t believe the hype…it is not over…it is far from over when, here in Britain, yesterday over 45k were infected and 45 people died. A pandemic is over when both … Continue reading

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The Crimson Permanent Assurance…

  Walking around the City of London on Sunday I felt like I was walking through the set for the The Crimson Permanent Assurance short at the starting of the Meaning of Life.   All around me there were these tiny … Continue reading

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Project LV One – Day 250 – And it’s a hard rain a goin’ to fall

Well it looks like we’ve managed not to blow the world up for another year which in itself is a real achievement.   However, we do seem set on buggering up the climate so perhaps things are not so rosy. … Continue reading

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Moneyweek – the end of Britain or something like that

Oh the joys of Facebook and Google’s predictive computer programs.  Over the past few days any advert on a blog site I have opened has had the Moneyweek – the end of the world is nigh ( my title but … Continue reading

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Forgetting what I’d taken

I’ve just had a bit of blitz on my Facebook page of some photos from my archive.  It is really amazing how quickly one forgets the images one has stuffed away in that old shoe box called Lightroom.

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Canon announces PowerShot N Facebook ready edition: Digital Photography Review

Having just scanned through this press release the first thought I had was “…well I’ve already got most of these things already – it’s called my iPhone – Why should I buy this camera?…” I guess this is the problem … Continue reading

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Copyright Removal by Facebook

Over the past couple of weeks I have noticed that paintings I’ve posted to Facebook have had the copyright warning removed. I’ve not changed anything in the way that they are posted to to Facebook so one can only assume … Continue reading

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EMails will always get you in the end

EMail has been around for a while now and you would have thought by now that people should have realise that you only put into an email what you would be happy to be seen on the front page of … Continue reading

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Trying to get to grips with wordpress

Still battling with Wordpress – I think I’ve set up the link to Facebook and Twitter….lets see if this post appears in either

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Baby you’re a rich man

Having just watched The Social Network again I can’t get ‘Baby you’re a rich man’ by the Beatles out of my head, in fact it is playing at the moment as I am typing this. Anyway, a question for Facebook – why haven’t you developed an ipad app yet? … Continue reading

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