Black Tie Update

One of the most amazing things you get when some one famous dies, especially if that person is a politician, is a mountain of utter…. understandable…nonsense. There is a great scene in Yes Prime Minister when a former Prime Minister dies and Jim Hacker comes out with the same nonsense before cracking open the whiskey a celebrating the death of a political enemy…I somehow guess that this is what will be happening in and around Westminster just now. For the record, the best prepared and totally over the top homily I have heard so far was from Lord Archer. Only he would have a prepared Shakespeare quote on hand.

One a far more important point. Sky has now brock out a more sombre tie for Andrew Boulton. The fact that it looks like it has just come from around the neck of an intern only underlies the fact that when it comes to such state occasions the BBC does these things so much better. With minutes of the news breaking the official black ties were out and the one o clock news reader seemed to be wearing the one size fits all black top and dress with white blouse. It is just a shame it didn’t fit her. However by 1:30pm the news readers from News 24 had been decked out in the correct sombre attire. All those years of meetings and drills finally paid off….proving that the BBC is the voice of the nation in a crisis. However, Andrew Boulton took the award for the crass comment when within 30 minutes of the news being broken he basically said that Mrs Thatcher was gaga towards the end. Priceless.

One final thing…following Twitter explode was one thing…following it on Trendmap was much better. You really get the feel for a truly global event. On this measure the death of Mrs Thatcher is a truly global event. Perhaps the best epitaph she will ever get.

Simon Marchini

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