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Some thoughts….

There was a short window a week or so ago when it seemed that Britain might have started the healing process after the Brexit nightmare.  We all seemed ready for a new tomorrow together.   Well that didn’t last.  In its … Continue reading

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62 Days

In life  perspective is everything.  This morning is a case in point.   I had an appointment at my local hospital because an anomaly had shown up at my latest eye sight test.   Now I have had some experience of this … Continue reading

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How healthy do you feel?

This is a quote from an article I found in the New York Magazine and whilst it is specific to the current mess that the Republican party in the United States are getting themselves into over healthcare it is just … Continue reading

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It’s the NHS stupid

95 Billion pounds is a lot of money – an astonishing amount of money only thing is it is not enough and not enough by an awful lot – maybe 8 billion maybe 30 billion – who really knows?   … Continue reading

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