Why do politicians lie?


A sweeping statement I know and I am sure there are many politicians who would take exception to the implications.  However, if this election has been characterised by anything it is politicians of each party making outrageous claims about what they are going to do should they form a government or what the cost of the other side’s plans would be.  My favourite at the moment is the Labour free broadband claim.   You only have to spend thirty seconds thinking about this to know it makes no sense at all.   Even if the BT Openreach network is nationalised (full disclosure I have 200 plus megabit/sec fibre to my house from Virgin Media) how are you going to pay for the roll out of similar service to mine to the rest of the country without charging something?   This is all supposed to be paid for by a tax of the Google’s of this world like that is easy to do.  Also if we are still in the EU then this could fall foul of anti state aid rules.   Finally,  what about the cost going forward should the Googles of this world  manage to find a way to not pay the tax?   It is nonsense, the politicians know that it is nonsense and yet they make great speeches about this.

I am not having a pop at Labour but rather the way we the electorate are treated as idiots by all parties.  Get Brexit Done is just an out and out lie.  Should we leave by the 31st January 2020 then we will be arguing about Brexit for years because, suprise suprise, the Brexit negotiations don’t stop on the 31st of January but rather they really start to pick up. We will have yet another crises towards the end of July when Parliament will have to vote on whether to leave without a deal or extend the transition period.   Such a controversial moment requires a government with a large majority and nothing I have seen nor heard has suggested that this is likely to happen for the Conservatives – majorities of 5 or 10 really won’t do given the vagaries of political life.

I guess the truth as to why politicians lie can be explained by looking into a mirror.  They believe we might believe them just a little and in the reality is that the face looking back at us is the reason for all this.   We might just do that.

About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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