Are we there yet?….

We have just one week left of the American presidential campaign. One week left for Donald Trump to pull things around. Things don’t look promising for the incumbent and this is mainly due to his own shortcomings. Back in April I suggested that Trump only needed a 4% swing in his favour to make things very difficult for Biden. Since then he has squandered one opportunity after another to try and reach out to voters who are none too keen on the thought of a Joe Biden presidency. Instead of doing this he appears to have been happy to play to his base and make very little effort in the way of moving away from that.

Every attempt that Trump has made to turn Biden into a boogeyman have magnificently back fired. The latest in a long line of attempted smears, the Hunter Biden story, is perhaps the best example of this. As I understand the allegation Hunter Biden was involved in some form of hazy behaviour in Ukraine. It is suggested that this was a cover for his father and if so Joe Biden is in someway corrupt. Now I haven’t the first clue as to whether these things are in anyway true, but given the motley crew of people behind this story you have say it looks less likely to be true and more likely untrue. In truth all it really does is open a line of attack on Trump himself because when it comes to hazy financial dealings he has a charge sheet as long as your arm:

  1. Secretive Chinese account with over $17million cash deposits which Trump since being President has withdrawn;
  2. Between $400 million to nearly $1billion of outstanding loans due in the next four years to owed to nobody knows;
  3. A probable tax fraud case where he may have to repay $100 million back to his own Federal Government.

I could continue but I think this proves my point. Whatever, Hunter Biden and his father may have got up to in Ukraine is likely to be small beer compared to what the current President of the United States has been up to whilst he has been in office.

So would a Joe Biden Presidency be a good thing? I don’t know and I guess it will be impossible to judge as, should he win, he will always be judged against Donald J. Trump and, in my view, that would make the 44 other holders of the office look really really good and so it would be with Joe Biden. In short he couldn’t be any worse.

About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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