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65 Days

  I hate the heat…I know I must be burnt at the stake as a witch but I don’t like the heat.  When you say something like this a lot of people look at you as if you are some … Continue reading

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Enjoy the simple things…

  Simple things please…I can’t tell you what satisfaction I get from making an accurate geographical map of something that I have been thinking about.   These three explore different aspects of early coal mining and they help me clarify my … Continue reading

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Mean Streets…

“If in doubt of what to photograph then just spend some time walking around places that you know….” as Tyrion might have said a wise man once said.  Of course this is nonsense but the view hasn’t changed that much … Continue reading

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Project LV One – Day 341 – Slag

So I hope you’ve had a great Easter Sunday whatever you beliefs.  For me I’ve been searching for slag (BTW don’t try google slag unless you are prepared to be depressed – for some reason there is a whole section called British … Continue reading

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