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So that was an interesting few hours or was it a few days? I’m not sure at the moment but last night saw the collapse of the supposed radical change to European football: The European Super League. I don’t intend to go into all of the ins and outs of this other than to say I don’t believe for one moment that fan pressure made much of a difference. No for me it was the obvious oversight that Britain is no longer part of the European Union and so can set its own immigration policy as far as immigrant work permits.

If you are president of Real Madrid then you can’t be stopped from hiring anyone who is an EU citizen and so such considerations don’t enter into your thinking. This is not the case in Britain where anyone who is not a British citizen needs some form of visa (This is a gross oversimplification but the point is still valid) and so an opportunist Prime Minister wouldn’t actually have to do anything to stop any English club employing the latest greatest footballer from say Italy or Spain – the new immigration system will do it for him. No wonder Boris Johnson was all over this trying to be the people’s tribune. When it became apparent that this might be the case then, in my view, the 6 English clubs realised that short of moving the clubs to another jurisdiction they were screwed. (By the way I wouldn’t have put it past the American owners have thinking about this as they have form for doing just that in US pro sports) So maybe ‘the fans’ did force this collapse but not in the way that is being put about.

Whilst we are on the subject I don’t believe the craven claims of ‘senior people’ at the 6 English clubs who claim to have known nothing about this. Everytime I heard an excited Sky Sports journalist open his (they are are all male) mouth about their senior sources at the clubs claiming they knew nothing about this I kept thinking:

“… success has a thousand fathers but failure is an orphan …”

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