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World Class Nonsense….

A number of years ago The Thick of It pilloried New Labour and coalition governments.  The show gave the world many great things but the word ‘Omnishambles‘ was probably the most memorable (In a world of Dominic Cummings Malcolm Tucker … Continue reading

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Normal politics have resumed…Sort of…

So the great day is approaching when once more Britain will be free – celebrate one and all unless of course you want a Brexit Bong.   In the first Thick of It moment of the Johnson government we have seen … Continue reading

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Brexit Britain No. 12

Quoth the Raven “Nevermore.” Sitting high above the Severn valley in mid Wales does give a wonderful perspective on the nonsense that continues to utter from our political masters and their coterie of political journalists.  Yesterday the Prime Minister was … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

So here we go again. A New Year and yet the same old story is being peddled to death – Corbyn is crap and dangerous and now is going to purge all the sane minded members of his shadow cabinet … Continue reading

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Mr T’s tent based twattery

Sometimes word or phrases keep rolling around inside my head for days.  I’m really not sure why but.. “…Mr Tickle’s tent based twattery…” is one of those things that has just stuck.  It is from an episode of The Thick … Continue reading

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The Doctor will see Malcolm now

So it is now three days since Peter Capaldi was been named as the new Dr Who and I must say I’ve enjoyed the wonderful potty mouth fest that has blazed across the internet. What a wonderful creation Tucker was … Continue reading

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