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World Class Nonsense….

A number of years ago The Thick of It pilloried New Labour and coalition governments.  The show gave the world many great things but the word ‘Omnishambles‘ was probably the most memorable (In a world of Dominic Cummings Malcolm Tucker … Continue reading

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Oops I did it again….the continuing Brexit Saga

One part of me is finding the whole unravelling of the Brexit vote quite funny, another  findings the whole thing saddening whilst a third makes me feel quite angry.   Let me recap:  In June 2016 Great Britain voted to … Continue reading

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The absurdity of life

Every now and then something happens to lift the lid on the completely crazy way that Great Britain is run – last night was one of those times.The scenario is this – a Conservative government tried to remove a significant … Continue reading

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So the big question now is…Can the Tories be trusted?

With still four hours to go before the polls close it is still far too early to even think about the result of the Scottish referendum – so here goes.  Whilst I feel that a Yes vote is in the … Continue reading

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Robust defender of Liberty

“…Britain has done great damage to its reputation as a reliable ally and a robust defender of liberty…” so thundered the leading article in The Times this morning. It seems that Britain is now not able to pretend that its … Continue reading

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