I blame Holbein….


Over the past few weeks I have been wading through Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall trilogy and I have to say it has really coloured my world view at the moment.   We, the UK ( Yes around 40% of Scots voted for Brexit as well as a similar number in Northern Ireland) are going through yet another convulsion in our confused relationship with continental Europe.   We have a fickle leader who doesn’t seem to know from one day to the next what he thinks.   His supporters claim that this is a cunning plan to put the nasty Europeans on the backfoot.  Unfortunately, the only foot that seems to have been injured in this latest example of government thinking is our own as we seem to have shot ourselves in it.

On a wider scale this whole thing does remind me of the divorce of Catherine of Aragon from Henry 8th – a very disunited Europe coming together only to condemn the English King.  Eventually some form of compromise was found although it took years.  This sounds oh so familiar.

As a result of Wolf Hall I started to look once more at the sketches of the English court by Hans Holbein.  One of them caught my eye, Thomas More and Family, and this was the inspiration for the drawing above.   I wondered whether Jacob Rees-Mogg should have been included, even though he is such caricature in real life, as he is being frozen out of the whole Government process.  Then of course he went and opened his mouth.  Endless Carping!  This is a Government that just keeps on putting their foot in their huge mouth!   I think I’m going to stop with these foot metaphors .

So maybe it was all a cunning (or is that Cumming’s?) plan and we will get a deal of sorts with the EU, it won’t be the end but just the beginning of years of squabbling, and we may well hit the Prime Minister’s 500k testing capacity by the end of next month.   But given the current incumbent of No 10’s performance who knows other than there will be yet another  unforced error just around the corner. Then another…then another…then…..

About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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