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You really can’t make these things up….

It is really hard to put into words just what a shambles the Boris Johnson government has been – you really can’t. So instead lets us all reflect for a moment that he has been required to self isolate because … Continue reading

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Out for a Walk….

This lockdown is a strange thing.   For the most part we now live very small lives in small areas of the world where only we can visit.  Of course some people don’t stick to the rules but for the most … Continue reading

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How was it for you?

As the sunrises over England is the sun setting over Donald J. Trump?   Well you would suspect that is the case if you read some of the coverage that he has been getting over the health care fiasco yesterday. … Continue reading

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Just another day in the crazy upside down world of Brexit.   Yesterday the German Chancellor had the shocking temerity to actually do something that was in her interest rather than the Brexiteers  and they were shocked.   It seems … Continue reading

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All Alone

Two things happened this week that really proved that the world has moved on.   The first was the first speech that Hillary Clinton made after her defeat.   I haven’t got a clue what she was saying but she … Continue reading

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Project LV One – Day 258 Remembering Angela

January is a really awful month, that is if you live in the northern hemisphere.  After all the festivities of Christmas and new year you are left with a flat and grey expanse.  In the past we also had snow … Continue reading

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