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From Here to There….

So here we are the morning after the night before. Super Thursday, what a pointless pieces of Americanism, has taken place and the votes are going to be counted over the weekend so that by next week we’ll know what … Continue reading

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72 Days

  When lost in a never ending storm it is always worth stating known facts rather than speculation based on speculation when trying to navigate your way out of the maelstrom .   So before I start to speculate these are … Continue reading

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How dare the Brits do something so stupid?….

The Irish Times podcast Inside Politics is always entertaining as well as being informative.   Since I started listening I have brushed up on my understanding of the Republic of Ireland political landscape and the one thing that has struck me … Continue reading

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Brexit Britain No. 05

Yesterday I visited the small Northamptonshire village of Lilbourne.   As I was walking around the fields to the east of Lilbourne I was struck by how it could be seen as an example of  so many of the issues tied … Continue reading

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Ireland’s Borders are Europe’s Borders….

If we dismiss the recent comments by Donald Tusk as being at best unhelpful and certainly not the most diplomatic language ever used – perhaps it is something to do with the name Donald?   What are we to make of … Continue reading

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Lest we forget….

It is very easy to see Brexit as an abstract.   EU good – Britain bad or vice versa.   The same can be said about the debate over the Irish backstop – is this a cunning plan by the EU to … Continue reading

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Just a thought about Max Fac…

This could be a country lane anywhere in the UK.   Nothing out of the ordinary and really nothing to see.   Unfortunately, come the 30th March next year this will be the border between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and … Continue reading

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It’s been a while…

Brexit oh Brexit. Some time ago I decided not to comment on the current political situation here in Britain and especially Brexit – actually there is no other political situation apart from crime rates, poverty levels, government indebtedness, NHS funding … Continue reading

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I just don’t understand….

  Tis the season…for Brexit to start to become real.   Over the past few days we have seen just how complicated Brexit is going to be with the DUP vetoing the first phase of the negotiations because they object to … Continue reading

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Chasing away the demons….

I’m reading a fascinating book at the moment – Brexit and Ireland: The Dangers, the Opportunities, and the Inside Story of the Irish Response by Tony Connolly and it provides a wonderful antidote to the endless upbeat nonsense put out by … Continue reading

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