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Be Careful What You Wish For….

What Tory leader wouldn’t want an opponent like Jeremy Corbyn (Theresa May?) .  He is an avowed left wing MP who is at the very least very lukewarm about NATO and all it stands for.   Corbyn makes no bones about … Continue reading

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Ireland’s Borders are Europe’s Borders….

If we dismiss the recent comments by Donald Tusk as being at best unhelpful and certainly not the most diplomatic language ever used – perhaps it is something to do with the name Donald?   What are we to make of … Continue reading

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Canons to the left….

When I was a young man I played an awful lot of the board game Risk.   For those of you who don’t know the game the object is to dominate the world by different forms of conflict and conquest.  To … Continue reading

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One Night Stand

Yesterday was the culmination of the Michael Gove rehabilitation.   He spent the day rushing from one news studio to the next showing just why he is missed by the Government –  a shameless performer who is able to sound … Continue reading

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Tears of a clown…

The one thing that is certain, I don’t have a vote in the forthcoming United States of America presidential election.  This doesn’t mean however that I don’t have an interest in the outcome.   Unlike what many of ‘the Donald’s’ … Continue reading

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