One Night Stand


Yesterday was the culmination of the Michael Gove rehabilitation.   He spent the day rushing from one news studio to the next showing just why he is missed by the Government –  a shameless performer who is able to sound convincing on the TV/Radio much to the annoyance of his many political enemies.  And the reason for this triumphal return – his puff piece on his new BFF Donald J. Trump. It was a puff piece if you discount the thinly disguised threat to NATO and the EU as a puff piece – but such are the joys of living in a Trump infatuated world.  At home Brexiteers are in seventh heaven because we are all going to live in this wonderful new world where trade deals are fast tracked, international treaties are shredded on a whim and forget what I said last week because, well that was soooo last week.

Anyway back in the real world where real bullets are flying and real people are dying this does seem so much La La Land nonsense or it would do if it wasn’t for the fact that by the end of the week ‘the Donald’ will be in charge of the most powerful military in the world.   So I think we have to make our peace with ‘the Donald’ and try and get on whilst at the same time making sure we are prepared for the backlash when we do something that he doesn’t like – wind farms off the Aberdeenshire coast for example.   We should also be very very cautious about any trade deal with America because with ‘the Donald’ in charge you really really need to lawyer up – he does have a bit of a track record for, how can one put this? Playing hard and fast with any deal.

One final thought…in your busy day take time to appreciate just how far Nigel Farage is falling out of the political limelight.   It seemed so positive just a few weeks ago and now where is he?   Having to shout to be even heard – yesterday’s BFF now Nigel Who?   Perhaps there is a lesson there.

About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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