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Not that kinda girl….

The last day of the year, time to take stock about the previous 12 months and then open a vein in a warm bath! Or was it?   The truth is we really don’t know as the momentous decisions that … Continue reading

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Pierre Noire

One of the joys(?) of using Pierre Noire is that it really is quite soft and so with my heavy weight fingers it tends to break off quite easily so these are the only two sketches of the forth coming … Continue reading

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No snow but frost

Far too cold to venture out in the morning (I am a man of advancing years after all!)  Instead I decided to do the next best thing – sit in the warmth a revist the images I captured a couple … Continue reading

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Blurring the lines

There was a time when I knew where I stood.  A time when a painting was a painting and a photograph was, well, a photograph.  Those days are long long gone and we now live in this digital post analogue … Continue reading

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Callin’ America

So more and more well known people seem to have chosen this time of year to take their last breath.  Carrie Fisher is the latest and possibly best known or rather her 20 year old self is/was.   One of … Continue reading

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Procreate Tutorial – YouTube

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Strange bookends I know but the deaths of David Bowie and George Michael make 2016, for me, more poignant.   Yes we have a had the political upheavals of Brexit and the election of Trump but these really are something … Continue reading

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Cut, Dried and Disgarded

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So winter storm Barbara is starting her run across the country and many Christmas lights are going to be blown over.  This morning I went shopping with my wife for the Christmas supplies and it was crazy – all around … Continue reading

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Christmas is coming and trade negotiators/lawyers are getting fat…a Brexit Carol

Enough of the mixed cliche/pun or whatever.  As we head towards the Christmas period a number of things are starting to crystallize about Brexit – the chances of getting a soft Brexit are becoming slimmer by the day.   The … Continue reading

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