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Naive or cynical – your choice

So we’ve had just over a week of President Trump – what lessons can be learnt from this experience?   Firstly, it is far too early to draw any hard conclusions – all new presidencies make mistakes based on incorrect … Continue reading

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Oh Gideon

Yesterday I wrote about how the women have taken over the British political landscape.  Today it is all about one of the scoundrels that has been ousted by the the people’s coup – George Osborne.  Over the past few days … Continue reading

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It’s a woman’s world

In Britain at the moment we have the unusual position that the two most powerful politicians in the Isles are women and surprise surprise they are both, in their own ways, making a good job of the pretty rubbish hand … Continue reading

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Making the most of what is at hand

Yesterday saw the English winter at its most normal that is a bit of this and that but nothing too extreme.   I understand that recently it has been 20 plus degrees celsius below in eastern Germany, which by any … Continue reading

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Another day at the office…

  Many years ago when I followed a regular life style, given what I did regular was a stretching it a bit,  I used to have just another day at the office.    Not much happened and you got on … Continue reading

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This train

Buying a new sketch book skews the work I am producing at the moment…to put it another way I have a new toy and I want to take it out for a little run.   I bought this new sketch … Continue reading

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That was hard work….

After cursing and swearing (and blogging) about Blurb I decided this afternoon to recreate the 2016 yearbook using the Bookwright software.  It took a little while to get used to the new layouts etc but once I got into it … Continue reading

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Bloody Blurb!

You know how it is…you have an expensive book you want publishing and Blurb send you a 35% off discount…what is a boy to do but upload the book and get ready to spend the money minus 35%.  Only thing … Continue reading

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Are we ready you this?

So it has happened…and seeing as stirring rhetoric is no longer in vogue…we’re Fucked!

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Slowly but surely

One of the joys of January in Britain is that slowly but surely the days are getting longer.   This morning I was going through my images from last year and came across these that reminded me of the joys … Continue reading

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