78 Days

There is one aspect of the Leave case that the Remain side doesn’t have an answer to – legitimacy.   They may bang on about Russian interference, lies on the side of buses or xenophobia but the Leave side won the referendum and much as I don’t like it we have voted to leave the European Union and unless another referendum is held, not a  a general election as they are always about so much more, and the leave side is defeated then leave we will  and then make the most of what comes next.  This stinks I know but that is the way our system works.

I was reminded about this when I was listening to Lord Heseltine the other day making more and more incoherent arguments about Parliament not voting to leave without a deal.   This is only partially true.  The House of Commons had three opportunities to vote to leave with a deal, the withdrawal agreement,  and it failed to do so.  Also an Act of Parliament says we are going to leave the European Union.   As for his attack on Dominic Cummings well all I will say is Bernard Ingham.   Every government has their own unelected enforcer/guru/doing his master/mistress’s biding – Cummings is just the latest.

I fear that leaving the European Union is at best sub optimal but leave we are and to suggest that some form of House of Commons chicanery might stop this is about as realistic as there being a government of National Unity without Jeremy Corbyn leading it.

About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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