Walk on by…

If you see me walking down the street
And I start to cry each time we meet
Walk on by, walk on by

Bacharach & David

Over the weekend 29 people were murder in two gun incidents in the United States of America and we are supposed to feel sympathy for those who have lost loved ones etc which of course we do.   However, that is as far as it should go because it is clear that this is the price that the United States of America is willing to pay so that there can be so many guns in their country.   They have had a choice and they have made it – they want their guns above public safety.   If you don’t believe me then just look at the list of mass shootings in the USA in the year 2019 to the 4th of August 2019 on Wikipedia.   It is clear that there is no single definition of what a mass shooting is but the list reads like the dead and wounded in a war zone.  Maybe the most chilling statistic is that there has already been another two mass shooting incidents since the Ohio massacre.  Choices have been made and nothing will change.  (I suspect there might have been others since then but whom ever maintains the list is probably asleep)

I have sympathy for the individuals caught up in this continuous slaughter but I have none for a country that willingly lets its own citizens be slaughtered in such a way.   No other developed country does but it is the United States of America’s choice and they have to live with the consequences of such a choice.

Walk on By – nothing to see here…

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An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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