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Chasing away the demons….

I’m reading a fascinating book at the moment – Brexit and Ireland: The Dangers, the Opportunities, and the Inside Story of the Irish Response by Tony Connolly and it provides a wonderful antidote to the endless upbeat nonsense put out by … Continue reading

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Ruby are you contemplating….

Yesterday I learned the hard way why Apple’s old HQ had the address 1 Infinite Loop as I struggled to update a new iPad to iOS 11.  After an awful lot of swearing and searching the internet for fixes I … Continue reading

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A library is an arsenal of liberty

  Sheffield City Library claims this quote is from the most quoted person of all time Anonymous.   However, the internet suggest it might have been Cicero.   Whatever the case empty shelves, even when display shelves,  make the quote look very hollow … Continue reading

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This isn’t everything….

  Over the past few days and weeks I have been consumed by photography – and it has been very rewarding.   I do keep my hand in with pencil and paper.

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Oh Alastair…

On Sunday I watched another disgraceful display by Alastair Campbell on the Sunday Politics show.   Campbell, a virement remain supporter, decided to display his boorish, patronising bullying self whilst debating (I’m being charitable) with Gisela Stuart, a Leave supporter, about Brexit.  … Continue reading

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Hold on to…

  Thought I’d take my iPhone for a walk today…felt quite good.

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Lacklustre Morning….

Had one plan, couldn’t be arsed to get up in time so had a walk around the park at dawn….alright suppose

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Night Swimming

So R.E.M. are reissuing Automatic for the People for a 25th anniversary celebration (not quite sure how that works but hay what the hell do I know?)    So I am going through some images I made a while ago … Continue reading

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Chasing the clouds away

This Potter sketching is getting just a little bit silly at the moment…perhaps this is because I don’t have the sensible Hermione Granger to keep me on the straight and narrow.   This isn’t the first time I have strayed into … Continue reading

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Just recently I have found myself being consumed by all things Trump.   I read numerous articles about how this or that had gone wrong or how he was showing every sign of starting world war three or or or.  In … Continue reading

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