Oh Alastair…

On Sunday I watched another disgraceful display by Alastair Campbell on the Sunday Politics show.   Campbell, a virement remain supporter, decided to display his boorish, patronising bullying self whilst debating (I’m being charitable) with Gisela Stuart, a Leave supporter, about Brexit.  His argument was that when people see what Brexit really means then they will rise up and demand that Parliament stop the process at once.  Well I think that was his argument as he seemed to spend most of the time attacking Stuart which she took with good grace.   It was a display that Malcolm Tucker would have been proud of.   The crowning of all of this was when he claimed in no small way to have brought about the Good Friday Agreement with the help of Tony Blair.

Now I wish we hadn’t voted to leave but we did so trying to pretend that somehow the British people will change their mind over the next 12 months seems to be as dishonest and delusional which he claimed that Stuart was.   There are many many faults with what the Leave side said but that is fighting the wrong war – we now need to make the best of the world in which we live rather than wishful thinking that all this can be changed by the House of Commons. A repeat performance by Campbell only helps to make people like Jacob Rees-Mogg , who also appeared on the programme, look all the more appealing because at least the Mogg has the good grace to debate rather than hector and drown out his opposition.

One final point, Giesla Stuart was an MP for 20 years and so has far more political relevance than a former Mirror journalist who was never stood for parliament   before you even mention Iraq which probably cost the UK far more than leaving the EU ever will.



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