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I’m on a ride

I’ve had enough of the whole depression of the world at the moment…so I think a bit of colour for a while..

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Tom Makes Sense

I realise that these demonstrate my limits not only as a graphic designer but an artist in general but somehow I find this worrying on so many levels…F.U. or T.M.R. or D.J.T – you choose.

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Stranger things seem to be happening at the moment

You really couldn’t make it up right now…I wonder how dated House of Cards is going to look next week?

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The problem with No – Thoughts on the EU referendum No. 01

Has it only been one week?  Already I am totally bored with the whole nonsense of the EU referendum, a pointless political tactic to save David Cameron’s career by potentially wrecking many others.  What have we learnt so far?   … Continue reading

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She had sex in the hall

A few post ago I mentioned about the conflict I was having between the left side right side of my brain.  I was thinking about this a little today as I was working on my historical research and I suddenly realised … Continue reading

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Right Click Synonym

This morning I was introduced to a wonderful phrase ‘…right click synonyms…’ which is probably most prevalent amongst students with an essay to finish and a lack of language skills – their salvation is just a right click away.  This … Continue reading

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There’s nothing left…all gone

As 2016 progresses I become more and more depressed over just about everything in public life.  In Britain we are facing a pointless referendum that could and possibly will plunge the political world into years of turmoil or just the Tory … Continue reading

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Introducing the apocrypha of Hermaphrodora Weasley

Harry Potter, as with all great sagas, reaches a point where it becomes heresy to claim that there might be a different version.   This would be to suggest that perhaps the wonderful Ms J.K. Rowling might have missed things … Continue reading

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Thinking about Coal

Left side right side…sometimes I feel both hemispheres are pulling my brain apart.  I think I might already have mentioned that I only have certain RAM available for any mental tasks I might wish to complete in a day and … Continue reading

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Double Maths in a Pale Green Ocean

Sometimes I feel that I am back in the fifth year looking out of the window wondering when double maths will finish.  It wasn’t that I wasn’t that bad at maths it was just that, well not to put too … Continue reading

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