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I can never leave the past behind

The more I look at this little caricature of JK Rowling the more I think it is just too cruel but I’m going to use it for one reason.  I have just watched a year in the life documentary about … Continue reading

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Pickled Onions

Doodles and sketches … just doodles and sketches…

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The start of something new

Yesterday, in quite a long time, I went out and captured some images with my camera.  Nothing new there you might suggest and of course you would be right.  What is new is that this was the first part of … Continue reading

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And it’s a ha ha ha hard

Over night I thought I might try an experiment to prove or disprove something I have been heard to say more than once – that I can write anything about anything without the first bit of prompting.  What I write … Continue reading

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They ask me how I knew?

De dum de dum de daa.

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Want to fall from the stars

We think we know the stars but we don’t.  Very few people know the bad breath they no doubt have from time to time.  We have no real clue what the stars really look like with their perfectly managed images. … Continue reading

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Ode to my lower back

I read a report yesterday which I thought had been lifted straight out the pages of the comic book world – the scientists that maintain the Doomsday Clock are  thinking of moving the minute arm to 2 minutes to midnight. … Continue reading

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The truth is stranger than fiction – an encounter with Room 237

This afternoon I sat down and watched the completely incredible Room 237 documentary about people obsessed with the Stanley Kubrick movie The Shining.  Now I don’t know that much about the movie other than I remember watching it when it … Continue reading

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Turn it on again experiment No IV

One of the few joys of having a bad back is that when you find somewhere that is comfortable then you tend to gravitate towards there.  For me at the moment the most comfortable chair is my study chair in … Continue reading

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Are you going to Scarborough Fair?

Well I won’t be going anytime soon…back still playing up and the thought of driving  to Scarborough wouldn’t be my idea of a good idea.  Because of this I have been getting ahead of myself by starting the editorial process … Continue reading

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