She had sex in the hall

Coal Abstract

A few post ago I mentioned about the conflict I was having between the left side right side of my brain.  I was thinking about this a little today as I was working on my historical research and I suddenly realised that perhaps there wasn’t a conflict at all.  Perhaps my subconscious had sort everything out.  So I give you Smoile.

Sir Dudley Click Synonym

On a totally different note I have also created the face of the father of Porsche and Write Click-Synonym – Sir Dudley.  Beyond his interest in fox hunting, no fox were injured or killed whilst hunting, and bankrupting the country for his own personal gain he over indulges his children, well at least ‘Scribble” and ‘Brum Brum’ (family nicknames for P & W- something that the upper echelons seem to like to do). He has a third child with Lady Conni but he tries not think too much about Drone, a radical feminist leveller who refuse any support from his father other than the filipino au pair Dalisay who Drone believes he has liberated from the maniacal grasps of his father.  Unfortunately it hasn’t crossed Drone’s mind to ask the au pair what she thinks.  Secretly he has sexual fantasies about her but has never had the nerve to do anything about them. Dalisay’s views on the matter are unknown but then again she is only the au pair. It has not crossed his mind to actually pay Dalisay and money for her washing and cleaning,  fortunately Drone’s father takes care of all that as well as buying the flat in Trellick Tower  west London where Drone lives under misconception it is a squat.

Drone spends most of his day planning the downfall of the system from the side and listening to Hangin’ Around by Lou Reed.  Dalisay’s views on this are unknown.

About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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1 Response to She had sex in the hall

  1. Bill Beed says:

    oh dear…let’s hope the air in the city helps!

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