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Will Brendan Leave?….

  Over the past few days there has been some speculation that perhaps Brendan Rodgers will once more jump ship from Leicester City to become the Arsenal manager.   It has been reported that Rodgers has not played down the rumours … Continue reading

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Not on the Tourist Map

It has been a couple of years to remember for Ratae Corieltauvorum they buried one of England’s most notorious monarchs (Well at least that is what Shakespeare would like you to believe – the truth is as always so much … Continue reading

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Forever fearless

Over the past few weeks my son and his wife have moved away from Leicester.  Now most of my working life has been spent dealing with strange shortcomings of the citizens of Leicester and so I, like I suspect most … Continue reading

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One year to save a corrupt system

As a long time follower of Leicester City Football Club I still can’t believe what has happened – Leicester are the Premier League Champions – and they won by a country mile.  One of the most satisfactory thing about this … Continue reading

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I say yes and I say No

I suspect there are going to be a lot of people claiming to be Leicester City fans from now until the end of the season – here is another one.  I, like most of the other fans, won’t have been … Continue reading

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