Will Brendan Leave?….


Over the past few days there has been some speculation that perhaps Brendan Rodgers will once more jump ship from Leicester City to become the Arsenal manager.   It has been reported that Rodgers has not played down the rumours having refused to deny them at his weekly press conference (whether he actually did that or it is the press twisting the story I don’t know.)

What I suspect is the case is that Rodgers will stay at Leicester until at least the summer.  As things stand at the moment they are the only club capable of challenging Liverpool for the title and of course there is the outside chance they might actually win the Premiership once more.  In any case Rodgers is more likely at the moment to get into the Champions League with   Leicester than Arsenal.  Equally, I don’t think that Rodgers would like to be known as someone who is so self obsessed he will jump ship at the first whiff of a bigger club coming after him (I’m sorry to say that Leicester City is a much bigger club than Glasgow Celtic in this modern football world.)

There, I think, is the problem that the so called big clubs face, they’re not that big anymore compared to other Premiership clubs.  To prove my point consider the transfer of Harry Maguire to Manchester United in the summer.  Leicester were quite happy to keep Maguire unless they got their overblown valuation for the player.  In the end United blinked and had to pay the full fee because Leicester didn’t need the money that much.  I am assuming that Leicester has got a huge buyout clause in Rodgers’ contract (given his behaviour in coming to Leicester it would seem prudent to do so.)  If this is the case then why would Leicester forgo their manager just because a so called bigger club wants their manager.

The time to worry, I believe, for Leicester fans is in the summer.   If Leicester’s form continues then second in the Premiership is possible more likely probable.  However, it will mean that Rodgers will want a lot of money to strengthen the squad for a gruelling Champions League campaign as well as buying someone to replace Jamie Vardy and keeping many of the current squad happy.  We are talking about spending serious money and if Leicester is willing to do that then Rodgers will stay.   If not then we may well see Rodgers getting itchy feet and as things stand at the moment Manchester would be my guess for his next port of call.

So expect him to be revealed as the next Arsenal manager next week!   This would put a smile on an awful lot of Celtic fans.

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An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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