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Walkin’ in Derby

It’s back!   Is it really four years since I last went to the Format Photography Festival at Derby?   Well yes and like the last time I came it is a rum bag of stuff.   One of this … Continue reading

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Pretty Baby

Ya Ya Baby…much more rewarding than banging on about Brexit.

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“…cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war…”

So the letter is signed, sealed and ….(I’m not sure how it is delivered) but no matter.  The rollercoaster of all rollercoaster rides starts today.   After the best part of nine months of posturing this is it.   Britain … Continue reading

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Cardinal Exchange

The Cardinal Exchange building is, in my view, the ugliest building in the city of Leicester.   It was built in the early 1970’s by the then GPO Telephone and used to house one of the national telephone exchanges.  It … Continue reading

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Walkin’ in London

Have iPhone will walk

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Walkin along …enjoying the sun…

Enjoying the early spring sun in Leicester

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How was it for you?

As the sunrises over England is the sun setting over Donald J. Trump?   Well you would suspect that is the case if you read some of the coverage that he has been getting over the health care fiasco yesterday. … Continue reading

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Looking through the window

Actors who have been in a play for a long time find that they start to do exactly the same thing on the same spot again and again.  They can try and change where they stand on the stage but … Continue reading

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Another grey day ahead

The weather forecast isn’t great for today so I found this image of St Ives, Cornwall from the archive to remind us all that summer isn’t too far away.

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Drivin’ in my car

This morning whilst driving along the highest road in Leicestershire I came across a wonderful view that just needed to be captured.   Before you wonder it is hardly driving up the north face of Everest or really not that … Continue reading

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