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Jumpin’ off a bridge

No strings attached

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Just a little somethin’

Nowadays the papers and talking heads are always questioning the value of pure thought in what ever form it comes.   Everything must have a purpose otherwise why should we the taxpayers pay for it they thunder.   Well I … Continue reading

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Always remember to bring the weather

There is an old joke about the weather in northern Scotland – if don’t like what you’ve got then wait five minutes and it will change …(of something like that).   I guess that applies to me at the moment. … Continue reading

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Blowing Shannon’s JPEG

‘…Once more unto the halftone breach my friend’s once more…’as Shakespeare would have written – well at least in my mind.   I have found an interesting side effect of this – it blows Shannon’s Entropy totally off course.   … Continue reading

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Just a little bit …

CReativity running dangerously close to empty…a blank pages and these are the result.

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One Day Older

The other week Facebook asked me to update my date of birth so that friends could wish me happy birthday – the implication of this is that Facebook knows my birthday and so why don’t I let everyone know.  Well I … Continue reading

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Thinkin’ Indy

Oh the time when there was nothing like high res inkjets – instead there was very cheap printing…so this inspired me to take another look at some recent images.  Interesting the effect seems to work on certain types of images

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