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Photober 13 …

The sun sets in the west and this is about as far west as you can get in Wales (roughly in line with Newquay in Cornwall so not quite as far west as you can go in mainland Britain). It … Continue reading

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Remember Remember the 4th of November….

Here we go again. England has joined the other nations of the Union (actually that is not true. Only Scotland is a nation: Wales is a Principality and Northern Ireland I believe is a province but I am not sure … Continue reading

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Going around and around…

There was a time, in the dim and distant past (2013/14) when Brexit and Trump weren’t things I used to swear by an excellent photo app called KitCam.   Unfortunately, this app is no longer available for the iPhone and I’ve … Continue reading

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I should be so lucky

So goodbye to the first heatwave of the year – it was far too hot for me and hello to more bearable weather.  I’m not sure I have moaned about weather forecasters on TV and radio who presume to know … Continue reading

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Another grey day ahead

The weather forecast isn’t great for today so I found this image of St Ives, Cornwall from the archive to remind us all that summer isn’t too far away.

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Project LV One – Day 24 – Visiting old images

Is it really 4 years since I captured this image?   Well of course only I can answer that but the truth is so much has happened in those 4 years it really is amazing the twists and turns in … Continue reading

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Just how do you make something interesting?

I have no answer to this question when it comes to wind turbines.  They have a stark beauty that we are not supposed to admire but I’ll let you into a guilty secret – I do.  There I’ve said it … Continue reading

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Belfast Hornpipe – compare and contrast

Light is such a wonderful thing.  It allows the photographer to change change the mood at a stroke.  However, Photoshop also allows this and when the two are combined then the opportunities are endless. So I give you two views … Continue reading

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Concerning Reality

Not too long ago I was a wildlife photographer and the one golden rule was …it must be real…  There must be no faking – colour balance and saturation were about the only things you could change.  As I progressed … Continue reading

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