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Remember Remember the 4th of November….

Here we go again. England has joined the other nations of the Union (actually that is not true. Only Scotland is a nation: Wales is a Principality and Northern Ireland I believe is a province but I am not sure … Continue reading

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Going around and around…

There was a time, in the dim and distant past (2013/14) when Brexit and Trump weren’t things I used to swear by an excellent photo app called KitCam.   Unfortunately, this app is no longer available for the iPhone and I’ve … Continue reading

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I should be so lucky

So goodbye to the first heatwave of the year – it was far too hot for me and hello to more bearable weather.  I’m not sure I have moaned about weather forecasters on TV and radio who presume to know … Continue reading

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Another grey day ahead

The weather forecast isn’t great for today so I found this image of St Ives, Cornwall from the archive to remind us all that summer isn’t too far away.

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Project LV One – Day 24 – Visiting old images

Is it really 4 years since I captured this image?   Well of course only I can answer that but the truth is so much has happened in those 4 years it really is amazing the twists and turns in … Continue reading

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Just how do you make something interesting?

I have no answer to this question when it comes to wind turbines.  They have a stark beauty that we are not supposed to admire but I’ll let you into a guilty secret – I do.  There I’ve said it … Continue reading

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Belfast Hornpipe – compare and contrast

Light is such a wonderful thing.  It allows the photographer to change change the mood at a stroke.  However, Photoshop also allows this and when the two are combined then the opportunities are endless. So I give you two views … Continue reading

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Concerning Reality

Not too long ago I was a wildlife photographer and the one golden rule was …it must be real…  There must be no faking – colour balance and saturation were about the only things you could change.  As I progressed … Continue reading

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