There’s nothing left…all gone

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As 2016 progresses I become more and more depressed over just about everything in public life.  In Britain we are facing a pointless referendum that could and possibly will plunge the political world into years of turmoil or just the Tory party which in turn will make any progress difficult.  In the USA, the bulwark against so many things wrong in the world and also the creator of so many of the world’s problems their Federal government seems intent on becoming unworkable with the depressing thought of a Saunders v Trump general election for President – neither having a hope in hell’s chance of getting anything through congress.  This doesn’t mean that I think Hillary Clinton should be President, she was a busted flush in 2008 when she couldn’t beat an unknown senator  to the Democratic nomination so what hope is there 8 years later when she is just the fading afterglow of a distant Presidency.

I could go on but to do so would only add to my sense of foreboding and frustration.  So instead I will concentrate on things much closer to home.  My historical research is up and running again and my art seems to be settling into a rhythm that suits me and probably no one else.  As I don’t really seek anyone else’s approval this isn’t the problem it might be (although when someone does make a positive comment  it is much appreciated).   My life bimbles and bumbles along quite happily with only one cloud on the horizon – the realisation that perhaps, just perhaps, there are fewer days in front of me than behind.  Now that is something I really do not have any control over so it is best ignored and when it happens I won’t be around to worry about the aftermath.

My that was depressing but having written all that I somehow feel a little better.  Sod this stupid world, my family and friends are well and so as Tallahassee said…”You’ve got to enjoy the little things…”.

Pip Pip and watch out for the zombies.

About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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3 Responses to There’s nothing left…all gone

  1. Bill Beed says:

    Ah…such philosophical musings! And a verb new to me…’to bimble’. Is this nimbly bumbling? I think we should be told!

    • Guthlac says:

      Nimbly Bumbling sound like a wonderful place to live…somewhere in the Cotswolds I suspect or perhaps deepest Sussex. Perhaps an old country family ‘the Nimbly-Bumblings’? You can imagine having some run down pile just outside the small village where they have had been Baronets for generations.There chins so receded they are almost lost against the over grown adam’s apple – which both sexes have and wear as a badge of pride when they ride out with Crotchy hunt, whose master is a distant relative of the current Health Secretary for England. What a wonderfully modern country we do live!

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