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Doing all the wrong things…on top of the world…

  Over the past few weeks my YouTube feed has been full of  photographers telling other photographers how to make photographs.   Whilst they do help up to a point all they end up doing is say that you should make … Continue reading

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On top of the world…

In the great scheme of things the hill isn’t that high but as with most things context if king.  From the top of the hill you can see for miles around and on a late summer afternoon, with a gentle … Continue reading

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Project LV One – Day 50 – When projects collide

Whilst I was away last week I was able to capture some images that I can use for one of my other long term projects – Deep Time.   Some of you may recall that I have a great deal … Continue reading

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King Arthur and Photoshop Panorama

It was a really beautiful morning and what better way to enjoy this autumn sun than to go out and make photographs.  Of course at the moment I’m pursuing my Deep Time project and so that was what I did. … Continue reading

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Trying to understand a concept

So how do you make a photographic image of a concept?   This is the question I haven’t come anywhere near to answering with my Deep Time project.  At the moment I’ve been capturing images of the rocks themselves but … Continue reading

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Coal is just another creation of the geological process that can be clearly explained by geologists the world over.  They can predict where the coal measures are to be found and mining engineers can predict just how much of the … Continue reading

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Tour de France…a great place to learn about geology

I’m not sure whether I should be doing this but as the riders climb Alpe d Huez I keep looking at the geological formations! Simon Marchini WWW.simonmarchini.co.uk

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