King Arthur and Photoshop Panorama

It was a really beautiful morning and what better way to enjoy this autumn sun than to go out and make photographs.  Of course at the moment I’m pursuing my Deep Time project and so that was what I did.

Bardon Hill from Billa Barra

I decided to visit a local nature reserve over a local outcrop at Billa Barra – a fascinating name in itself but that is another story.  Billa Barra is also another outcrop of Pre Cambrian rocks that form the chain of ancient hills over which Charnwood Forest lies.  However, this part of Leicestershire has an other claim to fame as one of the possible sites of the famous Arthurian Battle of Badon Hill.   The main Charnwood Hill is called Bardon Hill and land below it is known as Battle Flats – see how it starts to fit together.  What is less well known is that across the Battle Flats runs two ancient roads – one Roman and the other a prehistoric salt road – serendipity strikes again.

Anyway the light was so lovely this morning that I just had create a panorama of this.  Now my Canon G1x doesn’t have a panorama function – thank goodness – so I had to use the much better Photoshop CS6 version and I have to say it made a wonderful job of combining 6 images to create a panorama of nearly 320 MB in size. (This is pale reproduction).

Yum Yum.

About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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