Lockdown or Tier 4?….

Do you know? I don’t. It certainly isn’t anything like as intrusive as the spring lockdown. Then hardly anything moved and very few shops were open. Now people seem to have found their own level of compliance and that is what they are doing – nothing more nothing less. In truth they are probably keeping to the rules but are just more relaxed about things.

This became apparent today when I took my morning ‘covid‘ walk around the local park. There was an awful lot of people around walking but noticeably in pairs. Yes some people did appear to meet up but seemed to keep just about 2m apart but the local coffee shop was still doing a roaring trade – this time just serving takeaways. The outside seats they had provided were all taped up and so people improvised – they brought their own camping seats and sat out enjoying the fresh air whilst drinking their coffee. I doubt they were very busy yesterday as the weather was dull but today with just a dash of sun it was different.

So is this what Tier 4 will look like after the lockdown ends on the 2nd December? Probably. But who cares so long as it helps reduce the infection rates which at the moment are not looking too good.

On the positive side of things it was a really nice walk out in the fresh air if a little muddy. The Canal Trust is fixing a lock gate and they have churned up the local pathways with their vehicles which, given the rain we had last night, has increased the mud levels significantly.

About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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