How to Kill the Buzz…

So two weeks in and what little reserve of fun I had has totally evaporated.   Every day around 4pm I hit the UK Covid dashboard for the latest figures on just how the infection in Leicester is doing and I have to say the data publicly available is encouraging.   The above graph shows the real problem that city of Leicester, Oadby/Wigston & Blaby were facing (I know parts of Charnwood are included but they don’t really affect me – selfish I know).

At the height of the problem in Leicester, a city of around 350 thousand the infection rate was 10 times higher than the rest of the East Midlands region which has a population of around 4 million – you can see that Oadby/Wigston & Blaby were really bad as well.  Now we can argue about where the boundary line was drawn but clearly something had to be done.  Fortunately, it would seem that the semi lockdown is working and we can only hope that the current position of zero infections continues.

This doesn’t really help me because the lockdown this time has all but drained any creative drive I might have and I find myself in a limbo.  This is made all the worst because I know many people are not sticking to the rules (although the guidance is so wolly that at times I have difficulty knowing whether I can do this or that).  Whatever the case I feel becalmed waiting for 4pm to come around for my next stats fix.

About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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