When will all this end?…..

The one question that is on everyone’s mind, apart from those who have loved ones sick in hospital or worse is  ‘When will all the restrictions placed on our lives end? ‘ Surprisingly, there is a simple answer to that – when we have a vaccine that works.  There is some astonishing good news on that front – it might be only one year away.   This is a mammoth feat of scientific endeavour and someone or group are going to be showered with awards.

Unfortunately for most people a year is an eternity, especially if you have lost your job/business in the meantime.  For those of us who don’t fit into that category it still seems a very long time but this is the unspoken truth.  This virus kills – here in Britain 500 plus people yesterday and that is expected to get worse until the lockdown starts to have an affect and I suspect that figure will have a very sobering influence on people’s behaviour.

Today it is reported that Lord King, he who somehow missed the the looming financial crises when he was governor of the Bank of England, is reported as saying that if the restrictions continue for too long then there will be widespread rebellion, especially amongst the young.   Now you can take that any which way you like but  my feeling is that this somewhat overstated because I feel people will see the death toll numbers and realise there is no other way.   Yes, there will be some who say‘Fuck this I’m off out!’ but the problem is out where?   Most if not all pubs/clubs will be closed and what will it all achieve other than increase the likelihood that they will catch the virus?

This is the new world in which we may well be entering.  In the past these crises usually effected one strata of society more than others and that was usually in direct proportion to your financial situation.   This is not the case here (remember that the Prince of Wales and the Prime Minister have been infected).  This virus has only one requirement – a host to help it reproduce and hopefully not die whilst it is doing that.   In this new world we will have to start thinking differently and we will have start to behave differently either because we have chosen to or options, such as flying to Prague for a stag do, will no longer be open to us.   Thinking things will be the same has somewhat missed the point – they won’t and we will just have adapt to the new circumstances.

About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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