Watch the Lighting…

Westworld season three is shaping up to being a real humdinger.  Mostly, in my view, they have been right on the button.  However, the third episode was less successful mainly for the reason that it was a getting us from here to there and filling in a lot of back story.  It was important but at times I did feel my attention drifting.  The final scene is pivotal in establishing the relationship between two of the main characters in season three and was shot on a pier stretching out into the sea and unfortunately the videography nerd in my went bonkers.  It seems that even with HBO money behind them they couldn’t sort out the lighting on the shots on the pier:  Sometimes they were shooting at dusk sometimes earlier in the day.  All of these shots were supposed to be continuous but the lighting was all over the place.  I have no idea why that was – perhaps they only had the pier for one night?  For whatever reason the cinematographer on that episode cocked things up.

In the end did it spoil matters?  Not really but you would have thought they could have tried a bit harder to match the lighting in each of the shots.

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