58 Days

We were told that should we vote to leave the EU it would be the easiest trade deal in the world to negotiate between Britain and the European Union;

We were then told that the only version of leaving the European Union was the Theresa May version of Brexit means Brexit;

We were then told that if only Theresa May had a large enough majority then things would be plain sailing;

We were then told that the £1 billion bribe to the DUP was normal regional support spending;

We were then told that it isn’t the Brexiteers fault that things are going wrong but rather the remainders who won’t support the Brexit process;

We were then told No deal is better than a bad deal;

We were then told it wasn’t;

We were then told that we have many wonderful plans which when pressed couldn’t be published because they didn’t exist;

We were then told it was the fault of the Irish because they insisted on having a legal guarantee that the British wouldn’t be able to break their promises;

We were then told that it was the fault of the European Union for not agreeing to remove the Irish backstop that we had insisted would cover the whole of the United Kingdom not just the island of Ireland;

We were then told it was the fault of Labour MPs who didn’t vote for the withdrawal agreement even though people like Boris Johnson hadn’t voted for it;

We were then told that the reason why Parliament was to be prorogued is because Boris Johnson has all these great ideas that he wants to introduce and it has nothing to do with Brexit;

And finally we are now told that should a Conservative MP not vote for the government today they will no longer be Conservative Party MPs – even though if this was the case just a few months ago then neither would Boris Johnson nor a number other members of his cabinet.

I could go on.  No doubt I could put together a similar list for remain.  The only difference is it wasn’t those of us who wanted to remain in the EU who came up with the idea of leaving.   As things start to unravel there is only group of people who are responsible for this mess.

But we will be told it wasn’t their fault it was….

About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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