59 Days


It has been nearly 4 hours since I saw the best impersonation of a rabbit caught in the headlights in a long time – Boris Johnson’s speech to the nation.  I say speech it was more like someone who is suddenly realising that the shit is getting real and he is about to be found out.   He had the demeanor of a very frightened school boy having to give a speech to the headmaster…oh I give up but I’m sure you’ll have got the idea by now that I wasn’t impressed.

So the latest Brexiteer wheeze is to take the country to the brink with an election that they think they can win.   Of course that is not what Johnson said but it is being leaked that that is what will happen if he loses a vote tomorrow .   Now assuming he gets his wish and 66% of all the MPs vote for a general election then we will be facing the biggest peacetime crises  in living memory without a functioning government.  The prospects aren’t great for Johnson either because you can guarantee the Brexit Party will be making a real big effort to get 1 MP.  What that will mean is that the Tory vote will be split.   His efforts won’t be helped by the way he has all but destroyed the electoral chances of his Scottish Tory MPs and finally he can expect to lose votes in the South East to the Liberal Democrats where there are an awful lot of remain voters.  In short it is going to be very very hard to increase the number of Tory MPs let alone get a majority.

So it is full steam ahead for a Labour victory and Jeremy Corbyn will be in No 10.   The only problem with that rosie view is there is no evidence that he an election winner – just the opposite.   The Labour party will no doubt point to what happened in 2017 and they might have apoint.  However, 2017 still left them nowhere near getting a majority and it is really hard to see where the votes will come from – even with the Tories split.

So there we have it.  Come the probable election day of 14th October and we will be right back in the mess we are in now.   Only difference is that we won’t have any government at all and that Brexit clock will continue to count down but with no one to give the orders to put into place all the plans that have supposedly been drawn up for a no deal Brexit.

I might have missed the memo but how is that in the national interest?   Bollocks to Brexit indeed or should that be…

About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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