We Live In Strange Times

Yesterday I was out walking in the nice warm sun around Melton Mowbray and the Eye Valley – today I am taking antibiotics for an infection in my leg – although the walking isn’t connected with the infection I probably got that on Monday  when again I was out walking – see all this exercise isn’t really any good for you (haha).

Yesterday saw a return to the Ironstone Benefice project that I am woking on with my good friend David Manley (He’s calling it Paint the Town Red) and so we visited the ancient market town of Melton Mowbray, Wymondham, Edmondthorpe and Burton Lazars.   In truth the sun was far too bright to help the production of photographs but I managed these three anyway.

The other thing about this area is that in the forthcoming election they don’t count the Tory vote they weigh it – the last MP and current Conservative candidate won with a 22,000 majority.  Up until the launch of the Conservative manifesto the campaign had been really boring and it looked like Theresa May, who apparently all the Conservative candidates are working with, was cruising to a comfortable victory.  Then came the dementia tax and the Andrew Neil interview and things started to unravel very very quickly.  The Manchester incident* then put a halt to campaigning and it allowed Theresa May to resume her role as Prime Minister rather than the Conservative candidate for Maidenhead and leader of the Conservative party.  Normal service has resumed and somehow Theresa May is starting to look a lot more vulnerable than she did just a week ago.  Apart from the continued problems with the dementia tax awkward questions are beings raised such as  the true reason for 1000 troops being put on the street – is it because of the increased security threat or is it to cover for the number of armed response police officers who have been cut by the then Home Secretary Theresa May?.

I guess the one crumb of comfort for the Tories is that they are facing a divided Labour party whose leader has many many skeletons in the cupboard, many of which we are about to see the light of day over the closing two weeks of the election.  Will this negative campaigning have an effect – I suspect it will and I still can’t see Jeremy Corbyn winning but I think things are going to be closer than was once thought.   What this election has really demonstrated is that Theresa May perhaps isn’t as strong and stable as she is made out to be and how that will play out in the forthcoming negotiations with the EU over Brexit is anyone’s guess.   Certainly the good citizens of Melton Mowbray have no more of an idea that anyone else.



*I refuse to discuss the details out of sympathy to those who have lost loved ones and that doing so also aids the terrorist’s agenda.

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An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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