Tinkering with an idea

As I get older I seem to be easily disturbed at night.   For those of us of a certain age that usually means a visit to the toilet!   After that it is difficult to get back off!   So one way around this I have adopted is to get up for an hour or so and read something interesting and then come back to bed – my current book at bedtime is Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson.  I bought this a year or so ago at a charity shop and have been looking at on the shelf ever since – well insomnia has driven me to open the pages and dive in.   A great read and yes it does help me go back to sleep – not sure if that endorsement would ever make it to the dust cover!

The reason for this rekindled interest in this book is that I am working on a project at the moment where I need to know everything I can find out about the iPhone and  the images that can be produced with it.   As any follower of this blog for any length of time will know that I am a big fan of the iPhone as a camera from all the way back to 2009.  In this time I have acquired a number of photo apps which I have installed and then uninstalled as my tastes have changed.  Well today I reinstalled an old piece of software, sorry app,  WordFoto which goes go way back and I thought I would give it another go…I have to say I am pleased with the results to date.

Having had a look around the Wordfoto website I suspect that little development has been put into the app for some time – the galleries are a tell tale sign – no instagram nor Facebook mention only Flickr.  When you have a little look at these galleries most of the images date back to 2011 – Instagram was launched just a few months prior .  This being said just because it is ancient, by iPhone standards, doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth exploring.  Most of the software I work with on a daily basis is just as old, if not older, and they all work fine with few effects of bloatware showing.  I, of course, exclude Microsoft Office from this and especially Word which in my view reached its peak with Word 3 – it has been down hill ever since.  I appreciate for many people who might stumble across this blog Word 3 was released before they were born (release date 1987) but that is how long I have been messing around with computers!

Anyway here are the links to the Wordfoto galleries should you wish to take a look:



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