Constable Country

Some people live in an area for just a few months or years and then move on.  Others, myself included, don’t.  We settle in for the duration and this choice has strange effects on our lives.   For me it is the capturing as a photograph the local park.   I read somewhere that one of the reasons why Constable Country in Suffolk was so called because the painter John Constable revisited the area of his birth again and again so the drawings and paintings he made of the area became almost produced by muscle memory.   Over the past few months I have become aware of the same relationship I have with my local park.

As I explored this relationship it would seem that I rarely visit the park in the summer and the winter seems to be favourite time which is a bit odd as it part of the floodplain and so from time to time is under quite a bit of water. (I have some photos somewhere that I need to find but they are on other hard drives.)  Another continuing theme throughout these images seems to be the river – for John Constable it was the River Stour for me its the River Soar.

Anyway it got me thinking about these things and so I thought it might be interesting to visit the park on a more frequent basis over the next year.

So here are some of the image I have made in the park over the last 8 years…enjoy.

20080503_40d_mg_5024-spring-wild-flowers-enderby 20080605_40d_mg_7531-male-white-throat-enderby 20080624_5d_mg_2088and8more-river-soar-jubilee-park-enderby 20090114_5d_mg_5841-playground-at-dawn-jubilee-park-enderby 20090202_5d_mg_5966-jubilee-park-at-night-enderby 20090205_5d_mg_6014-jubilee-park-in-the-snow-enderby 20090515_g9img_9317-flood-meadow-enderby 20090528_1d__n7i8192-banded-demoiselle-male-enderby 20100224_1d__n7i4735-common-alder-fruit-enderby 20101206_5d_mg_1792-jubilee-park-on-frosty-morning-enderby 20101206_5d_mg_1795-jubilee-park-on-frosty-morning-enderby 20121124-dsc02106-three-trees-in-flood-enderby 20150919-img_4656-edit 20161205-dsc01171-edit 20161205-dsc01264-edit 20170105-dsc01421-edit cow-at-dawn reeds-in-the-river sunrise-through-the-trees winter-dawn-over-river-soar

One final thought.  The park is near to the local police headquarters so perhaps this is also ‘Constable Country’.

About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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