Suicide Squad … no no no

harley-q-day-dreaming harley-q smoke-gets-in-my-eyes Harly Q Harly Q No 2 harly-qu

Over the last year I have been sucked into by the promotion of Suicide Squad and it Harley Quinn has inspired much of the art I have created over the period – somethings with better results than others.  Anyway, last night I watched the film as it was available for rent from iTunes and I have to say it was a total mess.   It didn’t know whether it was an extended pop video, action movie or well I’m not sure what else it might have been.   Even the love interest, such as it was, between the incredibly wooden special forces soldier and supernatural witch had no passion and in the end I couldn’t careless whether she lived or died or was worried by a slightly angry halibut.   This comes hot on the heels on that other dog Batman v Superman and you have to wonder what is wrong with DC Comics?   Marvel somehow seems to be able to turn essentially the same characters in to watchable nonsense – so why not DC?   Well of course the answer is starring you straight in the face – they can – the Dark Knight trilogy.  So it wouldn’t seem to be material but rather the people they seem to allow to make these continuing stream of turkeys.

One final thought.   Christopher Nolan’s brother Jonathan took $100 million and created a masterpiece of the small screen Westworld whilst Steven Mnuchin, one of the exec producers, took $175million and made this turkey.  Why is this relevant?   Steven Mnuchin is Donald Trump’s nominee for Treasury Secretary so what does that say about what he would do with the role, should he be approved? Probably nothing at all but Suicide Squad really annoyed me.

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