One almighty political Fcuk Up – another day in Brexit Britain.

David Cameron No 001

I really do understand why the people who voted to leave the EU are getting so heated about the case that is currently being heard in the Supreme Court at the moment.  They were sold a pup and now they are starting to realise that.   The EU referendum wasn’t meant to be a trigger for Britain to leave the EU but rather a cunning political ruse by the then Prime Minister David Cameron to stuff his Eurosceptic wing back into their box and leave the adults to govern.  This can only explain why the act was so wishy washy, it wasn’t even binding, another fact that seems to have been missed during the campaign.   So, and I can hear the Brexiteer’s heads exploding as I write this, Parliament doesn’t have to abide by the decision if they don’t want to.   If the then political masters of the universe had thought there was a chance they would lose then there wouldn’t have been a referendum in the first place.   This can be the only explanation for the mess that Cameron and Osborne have left us with.  Unwittingly they are  rewriting the British Constitution before our eyes due to their stupidity.

So whether you think Brexit is a good thing or bad thing I think the one good thing that has come about as a result of this is that David Cameron can now spend all the time he likes in IKEA.   The one thing I don’t understand is this – why would anyone want to pay him £120k for a lecture?   Talk about rewarding failure.  Cameron has joined that other worthy alumni of Eton Anthony Eden in the hall of shame.   As for Osborne he is still their but each passing day I think his stock is sinking fast.   Forget the pasty tax Brexit should be the only thing that people should remember Osborne for and not allow him anywhere near to power again.   I don’t that this is going to happen … they do like to look after one another.

If it wasn’t so serious you would cry.   A Very British Fuck Up.

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An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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