Doin’ Bugger all ‘n’ Farting ’bout


art-class-week-6-warm-up-02 art-class-week-6-warm-up-01

Well where did that week go?   Is it really a week since I was in London enduring the Turner Prize finalist sandwiched as they were between the incredible Paul Nash exhibition and lunch at the Tate Britain.   After lunch we popped up to the Royal Academy for the symphonic Abstract Expressionist exhibition.  Both the Nash and Abstracts are well worth to see but I am afraid the Turner again left me feeling disappointed.    So much so that I thought the white wash painted onto the exit door was by far the most interesting thing there.  That is not far because I thought that Michael Dean’s entry was head and shoulders above the other finalist but I think the point is well made.   I have seen several Turner Prize short lists now and I am sorry but they usually have the appear of being hit around the face with a wet fish – still what do I know?

As for the other drawings they are from my art class.  I usually arrive early and so spend the time making little drawings as a means of passing the time and preparing myself for the rigours ahead.  That was last Friday and Friday is here again

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An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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